26 June 2014


An anonymous monument.
An anonymous musician.
An anonymous tourist.

Subject of existence.

6 June 2014


This time a bit more of colours. 
Triangle modules animation (HD, don't forget to switch it on). 
Without sound unfortunatelly, yet in sound mind.

  Vimeo version   >>   

And blog version:

6 May 2014

What's Good

A few photos of impressive new metro line design in Budapest.
Btw, did you know that Magic Cube was invented in Hungary?

21 March 2014

11 March 2014


A meditator between the spectrum of thinking too much and thinking too little.
My attention is otherwise occupied.
How deep the Rabbit Hole goes?

10 March 2014

26 January 2014

Bear Cubs

                   False mythology. Winter postcard. Two bear cubs that hold the world not to collapse.

4 January 2014

The Fox

Cycle: Bad Feelings
Title: The Fox / Cycles
(dimensions variable)
artificial fur textile, animal fur, animal feathers, animal skull, watercolour paint

I have found the skull of the fox in a post-industrial area in Warsaw.
The tail comes from a non-existing fur manufactory in Warsaw.

14 December 2013


Tools are so easy nowadays, results so impressive, yet I feel overwhelmed by my own limitations.
There's no time, no space for Everything.

[Digital painting]

30 November 2013

Wood Kids

I'm sorry for interrupting autumn sadness of Bad Feelings cycle, but I can't resist. Additionally, this is a personal blog, not a fancy dancy modern gallery, so I don't need excuses. 

24 November 2013

Bad Feelings: Siblings

Cycle: Bad Feelings
Title: Siblings / Making of
(dimensions variable)
textile objects, photos, video

Make sure to watch "Making Of" video (HD on You Tube):