27 October 2014

Boredom Poster

What else is there?

"Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother." - Volteras

15 October 2014

Training Camp

Some images extracted from a short animation I've been recently working on. Designed to be a part of a theatrical performance, yet could have been self-explanatory.

16 August 2014

Let's Tessellate

Some time ago I have received building puzzles to play with. The shapes of blocks provide some patterns to follow, yet final construction seems to me limitless.


Visuospatial constructive cognition is coded by an enzym called LIM domain kinase 1 and there are some interesting implications: 

"Substantial portion of the individual differences found among people of normal intelligence has a genetic basis. (...) Cognitive psychologists have identified three important components of visuospatial construction: spatial working memory, flexibility in the use of spatial reference systems that are necessary for defining spatial properties, and flexibility in the hierarchical organization of objects and configurations (...) All these component abilities are likely to be important for success on pattern-construction tasks."

(Read the whole article: 


As poets say: triangles are my favourite shapes, but that's not the shape of my heart.

26 June 2014


An anonymous monument.
An anonymous musician.
An anonymous tourist.

Subject of existence.

6 June 2014


This time a bit more of colours. 
Triangle modules animation (HD, don't forget to switch it on). 
Without sound unfortunatelly, yet in sound mind.

  Vimeo version   >>   

And blog version:

6 May 2014

What's Good

A few photos of impressive new metro line design in Budapest.
Btw, did you know that Magic Cube was invented in Hungary?

21 March 2014

Maps of Flesh and Light

The more she burns, the more beautiful she glows (...)
The longer she is dead, the more blissfully she lives.